Sex and Sensibility: Discussing Attitudes and Approaches in the Residential Setting

Sensitivity training is a method where organizations teach employees how to react to certain situations in order to avoid incidents. When working with individuals with disabilities, we have a recognize disabilities as a positive unique societal element and not a negative setback. Training is a proactive method that teaches education and awareness. This article will […]

Mental Health Equals Sexual Health

In today’s fast paced, production oriented society, we tend to easily lose focus of some of the important things and allow ourselves to get stressed and frustrated with menial and trivial consequences of our achievement based existence. Our mental health is something that has been brushed by the wayside and it is hurting us more […]

Sexual Improprieties Can Lead to Disgrace or Unemployment

Unless you’re in an adult oriented, X-rated business, sex and work don’t generally mix. Of course there may be innocent banter and innocuous flirtations, perhaps even office romances, but prudent employees and managers typically observe social and legal boundaries. The Internet has changed all that. Workers can now engage in inappropriate sexually charged behaviors in […]