Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Sexual orientation describes a person’s enduring romantic, emotional, affectionate, and sexual attraction towards others. It is distinguishable from one’s biological sex, gender identity, and social gender role. Sexual orientation exists on a continuum from exclusive heterosexuality to exclusive homosexuality, with varying degrees of bisexuality in between. Typically, orientation emerges in early adolescence without any prior experience. Feelings and emotional leanings may occur first, without a person actually acting on their emotions for a long time, if ever.

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Want Better Sex? Keep It Light – Literally

Men will try all sorts of different things in the never-ending search for better sex (or “even better sex,” as some would put it), and why not? A satisfying sex life has an impact on so many other areas of a man’s life, after all. Now it turns out that something as simple as turning on a light may be one path to better sex. Yes, part of a man’s penis care regimen may include getting a little sunshine (or a sunshine equivalent) to help keep his sex drive in gear.

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Amazing Tricks to Get Awesome Oral Sex From Your Wife/Girlfriend

Do the following to make your wife or girlfriend want to give you oral sex/blowjob:

1. State your love for her.

2. State your desire to have a great sex life with her.

3. Tell her you desire to have oral sex.

4. Ask her what her beliefs and fears are about oral sex.

5. Ask her to be specific.

6. Tell her you promise not to take it personally. (Remember, she’d feel that way about any lover, it’s not about YOU, it’s about her experiences, beliefs and fears. ) Be a man and handle the information without making it a negative about you or she won’t trust that she can tell you her truth and you will shut her down.

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Sex Is NOT Safe: The Energetic Dangers of Sex

We learn early on that sex can lead to unwanted pregnancies and STD/STIs. Schools do a wonderful job at scaring us from having sex when we’re younger by showing us images of genitals infected with diseases, the negative effects of an unwanted pregnancy, and the staggering statistics about both. I am an advocate for engaging in safe sexual practices and think it’s essential in a healthy adult relationship and as a responsible individual. One surefire way to kill any sex life or relationship is to get an incurable STD. However, what we don’t learn about as children is the other ways in which sex can be dangerous… or amazing!

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Is It Possible To Get Cured For Sexual Deficiencies

The pleasure and satisfaction are very important during sex. It is a routine exercise which is used for recreational purposes. According to the theory related to medical science, sexual satisfaction is very important for good health. Dissatisfaction in this activity leads to bad health, distress, and several other problems. One of the periodicals has published a report which suggests that about 70 percent of the males suffer from one form of sexual disease or other.

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