On Faith and Homosexuality: Lessons From Abraham’s Guests

Abraham (Peace be on him) is the one Prophet all the major religions have in common as the patriarch, and the professor (if I may use that modern term) of Faith in the One True God (and His Merciful disposition towards mankind). As we continue to learn from this great Prophet I want to share a few lessons from the story of the honoured guests that once visited him as narrated in the Holy Quran. In the 51st Chapter (Surah Dhaariyaaat), from verses 24 to 37. Allah narrates this incident:

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Sexuality and Attraction in Western Culture Today

Today many men are wondering, ‘Why am I not attracting women into my life like I should be?’ Especially when they ARE so passionate and their energy is involved with the idea of women?

The question comes down to; WHAT are they attracting?

What ‘kind’ of relationship are they attracting?

Are they attracting what they think and believe is a woman’s sexuality?

Or are they actually attracting more of the economic game of sexploitation and pornography instead of women themselves?

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Breaking the Vicious Spell of Sexual Addiction

One might have fantasized about the gorgeous women they ever laid their eyes on but if someone went ahead to conquer each and every such woman in an endless but a methodical quest then such an individual might be considered to be prone to sexual addiction. Though, it may not sound like a life threatening situation but the social and the psychological implications of this condition will make you think otherwise.

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Profile of Child Sexual Abuse Survivors

What are some common things one would see in people who’ve survived sexual abuse? While there is no definite or uniform profile of a victim of child sexual abuse, there are many indicators that a person is a survivor. Finding out if an adult or grown up is a victim of sexual abuse during his/her childhood is very difficult since most indicators may already have been overcome. But by looking at an adolescent or teenage respondent, the signs of abuse are very fresh and obvious:

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BDSM – A New Sexual Orientation?

The term ‘sexual orientation’ is mostly used about being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transsexual (LGBT). This powerful concept – ‘sexual orientation’ – pioneered courageously by members of the LGBT community, has empowered people, within the last 50 years or so, to think of themselves as not bad, or sick, but just different.

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