The Importance Of Sexual Health

Aging is a disease, which is neither a natural process nor a consequence of time. Sexual activity can slow down, if not control, the process of aging.

However, Dr. S. Jay Olshansky, scientist in the Department of Medicine at the University of Chicago, said, “The price we pay for sex is death.”

Simply put, once you have reproduced and passed on your genes, you are literally disposable. In fact, many mammals in the animal kingdom perish as soon as they have completed the process of reproduction.

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Breaking the Vicious Spell of Sexual Addiction

One might have fantasized about the gorgeous women they ever laid their eyes on but if someone went ahead to conquer each and every such woman in an endless but a methodical quest then such an individual might be considered to be prone to sexual addiction. Though, it may not sound like a life threatening situation but the social and the psychological implications of this condition will make you think otherwise.

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Sexual Healing and Ecstasy – Beyond Sensate Focus

Learning the sensate focus exercises together can even heal a troubled relationship. You simply cannot do them well unless you learn to shut out the world temporarily and concentrate totally on each other. Gradually, you get into the habit of setting aside time to be with each other in a pleasurably way, and to communicate honestly about your needs and feelings. Research shows that people, who know how to communicate their feelings, in both verbal and nonverbal ways, are healthier-both physically and emotionally.

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