Do Not Point Your Fingers, They Could Reveal Your Sex Behavior

A study of the fossil fingers of primates by researchers finds a correlation between the ratio of the size of the fingers and their sexual behavior.

Well, this is interesting. Your finger could reveal your sex orientation. What? Don’t believe it? The latest findings of scientists involved with the study of fossil fingers suggest that there is a correlation between comparative length of index and ring finger. This has been a topic of heated debates earlier also and is somewhat controversial.

The researchers, after studying the fossil fingers of early humans have concluded that the oldest human species was aggressive and licentious, while another of our ancestor called Lucy was very sexy. Experts say that our ancestors were more spirited than we are today. They have based their conclusions on studies of extinct and modern primates. This study has been published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, and uses a popular criterion of social behavior, the relative length of index and ring finger.

Scientists believe that if ring finger is bigger than index finger, it means that the individual received high levels of androgens in his early years, leading to an aggressive and promiscuous behavior. This ratio between the two fingers is related with sexual behavior apart from sporting abilities and musical talent.

Emma Nelson, who is an archeologist went a step further and studied this finger length ratio on many species. She and other associates studied this ratio on chimps, guerrillas, gibbon and orangutans. In addition these scientists also studied fossil remains of Neanderthals and other species of Homosapiens. Nelson is of the view that finger length ratio is a valid pointer of our ancestor’s social orientation. According to her, levels of androgens decide the size of fingers, bones and the reproductive organs.

Nelson says that promiscuity has been shown to be correlated with low index to ring finger ratio. On the contrary, species that are monogamous have a higher ratio. Nelson presented her findings at the annual meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology last year where she called Neanderthals as Naughty Neanderthals.

• Modern humans have an index to ring finger ratio of 0.957, and they can be termed as simple in sexual orientation

• Gorillas and orangutans have a ratio of 0.90 to 0.92 suggesting promiscuous behavior

• The fossil fingers of an early human found in a cave in Israel have this ratio as 0.935 which suggests that he was more sexual than present-day humans.

The question that arises is whether there is any proof to substantiate the claim. Nelson agrees that there are very few fossils fingers available, but adds that this could be an interesting approach to understanding sexual behavior of primates.

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