Want Better Sex? Keep It Light – Literally

Men will try all sorts of different things in the never-ending search for better sex (or “even better sex,” as some would put it), and why not? A satisfying sex life has an impact on so many other areas of a man’s life, after all. Now it turns out that something as simple as turning […]

Is It Possible To Get Cured For Sexual Deficiencies

The pleasure and satisfaction are very important during sex. It is a routine exercise which is used for recreational purposes. According to the theory related to medical science, sexual satisfaction is very important for good health. Dissatisfaction in this activity leads to bad health, distress, and several other problems. One of the periodicals has published […]

Unusual Sex Toys You May Want to Avoid

When it comes to sex, one man’s “normal” is another man’s “are you crazy?” and that applies equally to sex toys. Practitioners of what might be termed “vanilla” sex (for its safeness and conformity to sexual norms) may sometimes make profitable use of sex toys, but they are unlikely to want to try something too […]